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See gains in your average score on AimLab in a week or LESS

:: These are tips that I've incorporated into my daily warm up routine that have turned my 70k average on gridshot into a 100k+ average!

:: These tips only work if you actually stick to the consistent routine that I describe.

Tip 1: Drink water! Hydration is super important in becoming consistent and reducing the mistakes you make with your aim in game and OUT!

Tip 2: Find a set of precision based tasks that you like. Favorite them and do them before your flicking or tracking tasks.

Tip 3: Find some good flick based tasks and tracking tasks. Favorite them and do them after precision. When doing these tasks such as Sixshot, Gridshot, Multishot; it is very important to not rush your flicks when you start out. Find a pace with your aim that is comfortable where you can accurately land shots and everyday you'll see minor/major improvements to the speed of your pace. This is the best way to become a consistent aimer like TenZ, Shroud, Sinatra, and many others.

Tip 4: After you have found the tasks that you like, do them for a small amount of reps before your competitive matches. (Ex. 3-5 times per task)

Tip 5: Use the in game practice tools such as practice range on Valorant or workshop maps on CS. You have to get a feel for the gun mechanics for the aim practice to be viable.

Tip 6: After you've played a few matches. Go back into AimLab and do the SAME tasks in the SAME order you did before you played your matches. This time do the tasks for more reps (Ex. 5-10 per, until you feel some kind of fatigue.)

Tip 7: Be confident, you are practicing your aim every day, now that you've read my guide :D Most people don't!

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