How to Commit Circle Click

Quick Preface

Hello and welcome to my guide, you will soon realize this is satirical and complete non-sense so do try not to piss yourself in anger over my eloquently crafted jokes.

If you want me to make an actual guide on improving your mechanics/aim I am more than willing to and qualified for it (I say that I am qualified) simply leave a comment or DM me so I know there is active engagement.

Well you ♥♥♥♥♥ lets delve into it

Bronze AKA You Have No Hands And Play On A Wii Remote

Exist... Simply put exist, do not step away from your computer during the middle of the scenario to take a ♥♥♥♥ nor wank it because you're angry after missing the first shot (there is a restart button after all).

Do not Play on a 1 cm or 500 cm sensitivity. If when you sneeze and do 20 360 degree turns or do not even move a pixel you need to reconfigure your sensitivity. You are not Woxic because you can 180 in a milisecond and not Michu because you get an arm workout playing grid shot.

Do not stick your ♥♥♥♥ in your computer; if your GPU gets fried you can not open Aim Labs on your computer.

Have an internet connection, if it means you have to sell your wife so be it, the grind never stops (neither does the Albanian Slave Trade).

Lastly, do not be a woman.

Silver Or Gold AKA You Played Two Hours And Never Touched The Game Again

Same as Bronze to be honest, just play the game and do not suck. A Quadriplegic could ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ beat your spider shot score still though.

No, no, no I only jest, you played a bit and got ranked here, you can climb easily and anyone can get this rank.

You also still use the gun model in game like an Idiot because you have not figured out its in the settings menu under game.

FOV set on 60 still and default crosshair, you make my eyes burn and everything inside me slowly boil like a child locked in a car.

Ruby And Platinum

Play the game a few days, get a feel for your settings, what routines you like, which ones you do not like, and please turn off the damn gun model you ♥♥♥♥.

Just put an extra 20 minutes in a day, enough to get your pits nice and sweaty and your ass glued to your black leather gaming chair that Mom bought you during the divorce so you would stay with her.


You have the same skill level as a Platinum or Ruby player but if you do better on your placements than you can get emerald; grind out those practice runs baby!

Also do not throw in the middle of a run because you missed a shot and dragged clicked reminding you of your days as a dream stan; throwing away your normal pills (Schizophrenia meds) and going on a psychosis fueled rampage resulting in the deaths of 5 pedestrians...

Diamond AKA You Are Everything Wrong Will This World

Meticulously plan what scenarios will give you the most points and incessantly grind them in practice mode until the score is just right and play once in regular as not to lower the average on accident. Oh and if the run is not going so good than just click the restart button because no one will know...

Make sure you actually have the skill of a Bronze but because you gamed the system the game ranks you higher.

Add a cringe ass tag into your name from an aiming group that accepts anyone as a way to flex how cool you are

Screenshot the diamond ten times and post it to your instagram story and watch as girls flood your DMs.

Master POV You Played Kovaaks For Over 150 Hours Or Under 1337 Hours And Switched Games

Simply play Kovaaks for a while and then switch over and think of the clout you will get now that your aim has a rank associated to it as opposed to a number.

This still does not mean you have good aim and if one more ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ flexes their Master Aim Labs rank in MM of any game I might just slowly reach into my backpack at an American high school...

Master Guardian

Play Kovaaks religiously with either an anime name and profile picture or be 30 years old and have at least 15 years on steam...

If you did not do this you either sold your soul to the devil or topped off an Aim Labs employee...

Now at this point you might be checking my steam profile and notice several things: I only have 200 hours on Kovaaks, no anime whatsoever, and have only been on steam for 2 years. Additionally, I must say that I would never sell my soul. Now simply use process of elimination...

Ending Note

In all seriousness Aim Labs is an excellent tool to improve mechanics and I recommend trying it out.

Hope I gave you a laugh, if not than its understandable as I am not very funny.

Regardless have an excellent day.


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