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I just logged in Go into options and set your sensitivity If you do not know what your sensitivity should be, pick from the dropdown and choose the game you play. If you are unable to find it go to mouse sensitivity and it will convert it for you there. If it happens to be a “premium” setting just google mouse sensitivity conversion and you will get another website that will convert sensitivity for you. Personally I base everything off CS:GO settings. 2.4 @ 400 DPI and I convert that into whatever game I am playing. I do not even play CS:GO, I just find it easy to remember. DISABLE THE GUN MODEL You can change the ball color, your recticle etc. Thats all optional, as long as you have the sensitivity right you are ready to rock. MATCH SENSITIVITY ANY GAME I know some of you like me have used different websites to do this. I stumbled on a new tool for this and never use websites. Link is here It is simple to set up and use, just get your sens right then transfer it over to any game you want by running the tool and doing 360. How do I go about the training? Decided to add this to help based on a few questions that have come up in the coaching/general in discord. 1. join the discord 2. Join the discord 3. JOIN THE DISCORD With that out of the way, lets talk about what you are really trying to do. 1. Recognize there is something to shoot This is the first element of what you are doing, you need to know there is something to shoot at! I know this seems basic but when faced with 3 things to shoot at, it becomes a problem. Pick 1 thing and shoot at IT. As you get better you will make better choices of that one thing. 2. Place eyes on thing you are shooting at It is very important that you LOOK AT the thing you will be shooting. If you are looking at his head your body will try to put the mouse on his head, if you are looking at his body your body will try to shoot it there. Why do you think in the NFL people go WOW on a no look pass. That is because we are visual animals and align with what we focus on. This principle applies to aiming and everything else in your life to be honest. Have crappy goals, have crappy life.. Look at the wrong place, shoot the wrong thing. 3. Movement of your hand to the target This is where sensitivity and repetition comes in. Play microshot to get 100% accuracy and you will see that some of the movements you make are not good. You do not take a direct line to target, you hook back, you adjust up etc. With time the movement will get better. Focus on making direct lines and stopping right on the target. Eliminate hookbacks, overshoot, undershoot, etc. This takes time. 4. Recognize when you are on target It may seem that some of these aimgods flick and shoot because they know where to aim. Even though this is partially true you will also hear them go "WHAT?" because they saw their crosshair on the target and missed. You need to make sure you are seeing when you are on target, this is why going for pure speed is pointless long term. You have to recognize when you are on target and that is part of the process. There are two ways of doing this, seeing crosshair on target or just flat out knowing where the center of your screen is. Play some games without crosshairs and you will start to learn the center of your screen pretty fast. 5. Decide to shoot Just because you are on target doesn't mean you should shoot. Maybe you are hardly on target so you need to adjust etc. On microshot if I am trying to fix something I will only shoot when I am in center of the ball or do a custom with a .1 ball where I have to be 100% on. Above is what you are actually doing and in the order you should be doing it in. You screw up the order and you will miss your shot. So when you are using Aimlab for TRAINING (not high score setting) you need to put some thought into what you are doing. Make sure you are following the actual process so you can start going through it faster and faster. We constantly tell people to go for high accuracy first and the speed will come. This is the actual reason why. What should I do to start? 1. Do microshot speed a few times as fast as you can You want to look at your GAIN, it should be 1.0 or damn close to it. If it is greater then 1.0 you are overshooting and if it less you are consitently undershooting. Adjust sensitivity accordingly. 2. Do detection See how fast you can react to something on your screen. 3. Do microshot precision See how precise you are. 4. do any of the tracking ones This will give you the base score you start out with and will help anyone trying to help you. What should I focus on? 1. Microshot speed Personally if I go to fast I get confused and lose track every once in a while. To me, this tells me my eyes are not tracking fast enough so I play this to get my eyes bouncing around as fast as they should and my brain processing what the hell is going on. 2. Microshot precision I use low sens so this is pure arm aiming for me. I go as fast as I accurately can and usually set a pace to follow and up it every time until my accuracy drops. I try to get close to my high scores in every session. I do not set a time but I want to get a couple within striking distance of my high score before I stop. Something important I learned (again, I am not good at FPS games) is move eye first hand second. I am more accurate when I focus on the target. 3. Penta Kill This combines both and makes me not think. I tend to do the ultimate and it forces me to react quickly. 4. Microshot ultimate Do this to feel better about yourself hehe. This is pretty much all I have personally done and have gone from the lower levels of this game up to masters and 75 overall as this is written. I have also been way better in FPS games. I'm over 40yrs old and play MMO's so I am not a fast twitchy guy. If this can help an older guy who doesnt' play FPS's get to the upper range of playing.. It can help you to :) 5. As I play COD and longer TTK games... Do the tracking scenarios :) Clicking heads is great but when that head gets to run around for 500ms (if you hit every bullet) tracking really comes into play.


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