Get Better At Aiming: The Correct Way

Get Better At Aiming: The Correct Way

Before You Read

Make sure that you read all the information and watch the videos that I provided they will give you more context and help you understand the information a lot better than if I just typed everything out.

Now let's get to learning!

Mindset And The Brain

Your brain is constantly barraged with information, especially when gaming, etc. And your brain can only retain so much of that information at a time.

To train to the best of your ability you need to do a few things before applying techniques and practicing:


repetition of the process

take your time

stay motivated

Attaining good aim takes practice, time, patience, and repetition. When practicing make sure that you are not listening to YouTube videos, rushing, or trying to do the courses as fast as you can. If you need to listen to music to focus you can. Watching videos and such takes up some of the information that you could be dedicating to training your muscle memory and movement. The less distractions the better.


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Sensitivity is ultimately up to the person and what they are comfortable with. There are a few things that should be known about sens that are beneficial though:

For pixel accuracy it is best to stay at a dpi of 800 or below with either a polling rate of 1000 or 500 if you have the option for your mouse. Now the reason I say this is that any DPI value above 800 is calculated by the computer to give the illusion of speed. It is an estimation of the actual position. This can cause jitter and some pixel inaccuracy. You can always bump up the in game sens to find a speed that suits your need anyway.

I also suggest that you turn off the windows built in feature mouse acceleration or pointer precision as this is something that makes the cursor speeds differ based on how quick you move the mouse. I also recommend putting the cursor speed at the 6th line, which is about the middle.

Turning this off will make aiming more consistent as the cursor speed doesn't change. This allows your muscle memory to begin to develop as well without combat.


The more you practice the better you'll get. Simple enough. But how you practice and if you practice too long can hinder your learning.

As for how to practice. Like I said in the first section have patience. Take practice slow. For flick shots and tracking I recommend creating custom scenarios where the time limits are about 5 minutes. Make the movement and spawn times slow, especially for flick shots. The goal is to have an accuracy of 90 or higher. Your aim speed will naturally increase as you practice and build your muscle memory.

If you incorporate this into your training and do it on a regular basis you'll start to improve a lot quicker.

I recommend keeping practice sessions to about a 60 minute limit maximum as going above this can fatigue your mind and have adverse effects to your aim.


As long as you maintain a schedule for practice sessions quite regularly you should be able to notice improvements pretty quickly.

Please keep in mind that this is only half of the skill that you need to build. The other half is game sens which comes naturally by playing the game and studying the maps. You'll gain game sens by trial and error.

Make sure not to overthink and hyper focus when practicing try to stay relaxed.

Happy practicing!

Hope this helps cause it certainly helped me.


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