A link to your adventures

A link to your adventures


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Hello fellow Riders buddies ♥

A cake cat here, making a little guide with nice links that may helps you during your adventures into Monster Hunter Stories 2 ; It's my very first guide, i hope it will help at least a few of you and may save you time making the research to find what you wish for ♥

I'm not a huge MHST2 player, having few hours but playing at my own pace with my own very weird builds, so i might lack of some informations or miss some links, i'm sorry for this !

Don't hesitate to leave a comment about the guide and give me your feelings about !

If i did forgot any links that you think can be usefull to be put in this guide, don't hesitate to make me notice it, i will edit the guide as soon as i can !

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Ride on buddies !

Spoiler Warnings ⚠

Remember this guide is mainly made for people who don't mind minor to big spoilers ; monsters designs/names and locations might be spoiled in some of the links given within the guide !

If you don't wish to be spoiled, avoid clicking on the links and wait until you hit the very end of the game. :)

Links ♥

Official Links -

★ MHST2 Official update website[www.monsterhunter.com]

⠀⠀Obviously the official capcom website for Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Discords -

★ Monster Hunter Stories Guild[discord.gg]

⠀⠀A bunch of informations ; people to help and talk ; builds ; PvP tournaments (...)

★ Monster Hunter Stories[discord.gg]

⠀⠀MHST Pet mod for World mainly, but cover also some nice mods for MHST2 and talkies.

Database / Wiki -

★ Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Database[mhst.kiranico.com]

★ Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wiki (JP)[hyperwiki.jp]

Builds / Teams websites -

★ Monstie Builder[tactools.net]

⠀⠀Allow you to build your monstie outside of the game and share it.

★ MHStories 2 Team Builder[gh4ever101.github.io]

⠀⠀Allow you to share your / a whole team with all informations about the monsties.

★ Guide MHST 2[play.google.com]

⠀⠀Same as the others but adapted to phone with more informations and content.

Comparisons / Tables / Etc -

⠀⠀Covering a variety of informations ; i tried to make the links names informatives enough.

★ Damage Comparison (All weapons)[gamefaqs.gamespot.com]

★ Damage Calculation[docs.google.com]

★ Monster Hunter Stories 2 Mega Spreadsheet[docs.google.com]

⠀⠀Alot of compiled informations of all kind of genre.

★ MH Stories 2 - Combat, Multiplayer, and Egg Guide[docs.google.com]

★ MHST2 Kurimu website[www.kurimucardgame.com]

★ Deviants & Elders cheat sheet[imgur.com]

⠀⠀Informative about Deviants & Elders attacks patterns / weaknesses.

★ MHST2 Genes search[docs.google.com]

⠀⠀What, Where, How... Everything about the genes.

★ MHST2 Data[docs.google.com]

⠀⠀Eggs ; Type usage ; Stats (...)

Players versus Players -

★ MHST2 Stat Comparator[docs.google.com]

Reddit threads -

★ Melynx Shop Talisman Rerolling

⠀⠀Want talismans ? But don't want to farm the bottlecaps ? Here you go!

★ Every Single Thing You Can Do to Milk the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo

★ Critical Guides Compilation

⠀⠀You shall crit, we shall crit, everyone must crit, but how to crit ?

★ Prayers Are Totally Deactivated When a Charm is Active in the Prayer Pot

⠀⠀Everything you must know about prayers and charms.

★ Element Weapons >> Non-elemental Weapons

⠀⠀Element weapons ? Non-elemental weapons ?

Youtube Channels -

★ Tidus69

- I don't watch alot of youtube videos ; i don't know much about good youtubers that might be interesting ; so don't hesitate to give me hints towards great youtubers ! -

Modding -

★ Nexus Mod[www.nexusmods.com]

⠀⠀You might already know Nexus, but they cover a variety of mod creators for many games.

Others -

★ MHST2 Speedrun[www.speedrun.com]

⠀⠀Gotta go fast, gotta show how fast you are.

End Note

Have Fun During Your Adventures In Monster Hunter Stories 2 Fellow Rider Buddy !
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Thank you for reading this guide ! I hope it was useful for you at some point.

Also thank you to all the people who are linked in this guide for their hard work over MHST2 informations, don't forget to give them alot of love ! ♥

I might have missed great links or miss read some of them that might be wrong ; don't hesitate to point it out, i will be very happy to add or rework a little bit the guide to be better ; faster ; stronger. ♥

If you have found the guide useful, don't hesitate to give it a little thumbs up ! ♥

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